IFG offers investment services that take advantage of offshore asset protection.


IFG Investments Services

IFG has formed relations with several brokerage firms located in Canada, United States of America, the Caribbean and Panama. Through these relations we can refer clients and assist the client with establishing a brokerage account for their structure. Once the clients company has established a brokerage account with one of these firms they will have access to all the usual products offered by a brokerage firm including:

• Shares on all the markets in the U.S., Canada, the UK and overseas;
• Government bonds, Corporate Bonds, Eurobonds and high yield bonds;
• T-Bills, Corporate Papers, Bankers Acceptance, Guaranteed Certificates of Deposit, in a variety of currencies;
• Mutual funds, Investment Trusts, and Unit Trusts;
• Convertible, Preferred and Cumulative Preferred Stocks;
• Warrants and Options.

In utilizing a brokerage account in conjunction with an offshore corporation, limited liability company, trust or escrow, the client ensures maximum confidentiality and the greatest potential for economic growth. There is no mystery in conduct financial affairs through an offshore corporate entity, the investments available are the same as what you would invest in person, the difference is merely by placing a corporate and confidential veil between you and the assets sought to protect/preserve it will give you the security of knowing that your assets have an additional level of protection.

Trading through an offshore corporate entity does not open up a new and previously inaccessible line of investments promising amazing returns and guarantees. Promises of huge returns should be approached with a great deal of caution, similarly promises of great tax advantages by utilizing an offshore structure should be researched thoroughly.

The use of an offshore structure is simply an asset protection tool.