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offshore trust services
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offshore trust services

For centuries, individuals and corporations have used trusts as a primary vehicle for estate planning and confidential asset protection. In particular, those planning for the transfer of their wealth to family members have come to appreciate the many ways offshore trusts can provide the security and peace of mind that's so important to them and their families. Many clients use a trust in conjunction with an offshore corporation. In addition to adding a layer of confidentiality, control and versatility to the overall financial strategy, this allows clients to use the most advantageous trust and corporate legislation available to meet their own particular needs.

IFG Trust provides full trust and fiduciary management services in most offshore jurisdictions. Services include the establishment of trusts, the provision of professional trustees, the provision of professional trust protectors, the drafting of trust documents (trust deeds, letters of wishes, living trust, living wills, etc.) and the filing of all necessary government documentation.

trust advantages TRUST ADVANTAGES

offshore asset protection offshore asset protection, with confidentiality of ownership
ensures wishes in disposition of assets ensures your wishes in the disposition of your assets are implemented
provides ability to withhold knowledge of trust provides ability to withhold knowledge of the trust from certain beneficiaries
provides specific exemptions from taxes provides specific exemptions from taxes, in certain jurisdictions
provides specific exemptions from taxes a trust is an excellent alternative to a prenuptial agreement.
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